Architect Michael C. Glass, P.C. specializing in residential project work was established in 1987 after completing eight years post degree practice in the United Kingdom and obtaining initial licensure there. Michael is a State of Georgia Registered Architect.

Michael Glass, a native of Atlanta Georgia, discovered his passion for architecture during summer break employment with local firms as a ‘print room boy’. Following a five year professional degree program in architecture
he worked as a layout engineer in commercial construction as a recession at the time made architect employment opportunities all but nonexistent. That field experience together with work abroad has resulted in a unique education and experience based approach to planning, design, and project management.

Project types include new construction, additions, and remodeling for both primary and second homes. Examples of residential projects are found in the four state region of Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Alabama. Additionally, project opportunities have been undertaken in the Bahamas and Costa Rica.

An often asked question is what would best describe a typical design style and the response would be yes to all styles appropriate to the client and project particulars. Throughout the years various cultural traditions and needs have resulted in numerous, yet unique styles we see around us. The trick is to understand the true nature of a particular style in terms of proportions, scale, and detail elements and not to ‘window dress’ by elements of design among distinct styles.

Planning, Design, and Project Management best describe a full services approach to project work. Planning starts with listening to the client/client couple. What’s being asked for, what resources are to be applied, what are both the short term and long terms goals, and what are the expectations at completion. Suggestions made as a result of listening start the process and often a ‘feedback loop’ results with comments such as ‘now that we see it we forgot to include…’ or ‘I know we addressed that but now that we see it we’re thinking otherwise’.

Design evolves with conceptual plans incrementally to a point where virtually all wants and needs have been addressed, and the aesthetics and details of design emerge. Hand sketches, 3D computer modeling, and examples using photographs are useful tools to illustrate the project particulars. Ultimately, buildable plans in CAD are produced to communicate the ‘sticks and studs’ to builder(s) for pricing commitments and construction.

Project Management is most often the most underutilized yet most cost effective activity to approach a satisfactory project completion meeting expectations of all involved. Consistent communication strategies help ensure the plans are being properly followed, the construction work is of the quality and amount reflected by costs, and that the client is afforded professional advocacy in construction related issues.

Additionally – Pre purchase due diligence and site planning are often undertaken to demonstrate project possibilities and notable property features.


bonefisher copyCostaRicaTripWhen not designing exceptional projects for exceptional clients Michael pursues the sports of “fin and feather” to include wing shooting, fresh and saltwater fly fishing, and applying his creativity to construct humorous, often improbable tales of his fin and feather adventures.